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8:00am 8:45am Morning Greeting

Children are welcomed and encouraged to explore and play in activity area.

(Social and Emotional Development)

9:00am 9:30am Hot Breakfast

Wash hands / Breakfast

9:30am 10:00am

Morning Circle

Reading, singing, music

(Language and creative development)

10:00am 10:15am

Snack Time

Fresh fruits or vegetables & water

10:15am 11:00am

Movement & Dance

(Gross motor skill development)

11:00am 11:45am

Outdoor Play

Daily exercise, connection with nature, sand play, riding, playhouse in our beautiful garden.

11:45am 12:00pm
Wash Hands & Prep for Lunch

12:00pm 12:30pm
Hot Lunch

12:30pm 1:00pm
Story Time

1:00pm 3:30pm
Nap Time

3:30pm 3:45pm
Snack Time

3:45pm 4:15pm

Learning Center

Letters, colors, shapes, numbers, science

4:15pm 4:30pm

Arts & Crafts

Creative projects planned by teacher

4:30pm 5:00pm

Reading/Sharing Time/

Russian Immersion Program (optional)

Children are encouraged to discuss stories, books, and their favorite characters. This is their time to share ideas and ask questions. Listening, speaking, and reading development.

5:00pm 5:30pm
Indoor/Outdoor Play & Pick up